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Andrea Corriga

Ph.D. & Software Engineer


Talking about skills is always a difficult subject for a Software Engineer. On the one hand there is the desire not to seem too inexperienced, on the other hand I don't want to exaggerate by talking about all the technologies I have tried over the time in which I don't feel confident. I have therefore decided to put in this section everything that I have used at least once to create a project that has gone into production.

In brief, I'm quite good in:

  • Full Stack Web-App development and Rest Services with PHP using Codeigniter;
  • Developing microservices with Java using Springboot;
  • Front-End development with Vue, Bootstrap and JS;
  • Cross-Platform App (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOs, Linux) with Framework 7 as Front-End Framework and Capacitor, Cordova, Electron and Vite as builder tools;
  • I've made a few Telegram Bot with a couple of thousand active users per month. I've used PHP, but I would like to try something with Node.
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning as been part of my life per more than 3 year of my Ph.D. journey. My Thesis entitled Artificial Intelligence Approaches Applied To The Financial Forecasting Domain can be a starting point to better understand what I know about it.

What am I studying at the moment?

I am constantly looking for new challenges in terms of technologies to learn. At the moment, I am working on several fronts: at work I'm learning more about microservices architecture made with Java and Springboot. In my free time I'm learning more about Vue as Front-End Framework and Strapi CMS as Node Framework to make rest services. On the other hand, in the near future I also want to explore more topics such as Reinforcement Learning and Solidity to create Smart Contracts.
I have recently created my own shitcoin called: Strife Coin (ASO).

Speaking in terms of keywords, here are my work experiences in recent years:

CC++C#PHPJavaJavascriptNodePythonHTML5CSS3CodeigniterSpringbootFramework7VuejQueryViteCapacitorElectronBootstrapTailwindFlaskFastAPIStrapiMysqlMongoDBSassLessMachine LearningReinforcement LearningGenerative AIKerasTensorflowScikit-learnPandasNumpyMicrosoft AzureAmazon AWSGoogle Cloud PlatformFirebase