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Andrea Corriga

Ph.D. & Software Engineer

Strife Coin

By combining the power of personal token with real futility and self-irony, $ASO gives power and opportunity to the people to become the richest person in the world.

$ASO is a personal token centered around Andrea Corriga, in art AsoStrife, Alpha and Omega of this Meme Token.

$ASO is a token built on the BSC, decentralised, deflationary, community-built and many other nice words used to describe the meme coin in a long-winded way.

Why should I buy this token?

  • Why not?
  • $ASO is shareable token and you can send it as a gift;
  • $ASO is great for short and long investing because yes;
  • There are no partners or investors; No one will ever interfere with your rise to financial freedom;
  • No seriously, you need a fifth point to buy some Strife Coins?
Strife Coin ($ASO) Information
Icon:Strife Coin
Total Supply:500,000,000 $ASO
Circulating Supply:300,000,000 $ASO
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If for some absurd reason you are seriously considering buying this token, remember that this coin has no fundamental value or purpose. It only exists because I wanted to have a token in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) with my name on it.